SMARTMED Project in few words

SMARTMED project will address key MED region challenges, such as high seasonality and lack of cooperation among key stakeholders, in the development of smart, inclusive and sustainable tourism. SMARTMED will empower multi-level stakeholders to develop and deliver integrated tourism policies and innovative solutions for SMARTMED destinations through a new business model, supported by a permanent collaborative stakeholders platform for cross-sectorial cooperation.

The project’s overall objective is to promote the MED area as an attractive, smart and inclusive destination, through empowering the public and private actors of the tourism sector by establishing Mediterranean tourism cooperation as a common platform for joint action and strengthening the capacities of all stakeholders in tourism business and policy making to reinforce the competitiveness and the attractiveness of Med Destinations through the development of a transferable and sustainable SMART Tourism Business Model, taking into account worldwide tourism trends.

This will directly contribute to increase the attractiveness and competitiveness of MED destinations in the global tourism market by strengthening the capacities of the MED actors in the tourism value chain and ensuring its sustainable development. By strengthening capacities for tourism public and private stakeholders SMARTMED will reinforce the competitiveness and attractiveness of Med Destinations through a SMART Business Tourism Model, tested through multi-stakeholder driven sustainable pilot initiatives, thereby meeting the major identified challenges. This will support innovative entrepreneurship and intensive cross-sectoral cooperation in the entire tourism value chain as well as capacities and tools for multi-level participatory initiatives. This will in turn provide an enabling business environment and address the challenges of seasonality, focusing on the MED as a smart and inclusive destination.

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