PP12 Ministry of Tourism Greece, is responsible for the implementation of Monitoring Plan as described at Activity 5.1 of the WP5. This plan involves monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of activities, calibration and implementation of the model (D5.1.1). The evaluation of the cooperation, the stakeholders’ capacity building actions and the pilot testing of the model will include a survey addressed to project partners and stakeholders. Evaluation of the survey’s questionnaires and an assessment report will provide the best results in order to move on to the transferring phase of the SMART BUSINESS TOURISM MODEL in D 5.2.1.

Joint partner meetings and a questionnaire on the possibilities / required actions for this calibration and adaptation of the Model to the characteristics and needs of the individual MED areas for each country participating in the project will be conducted in the next stage (Activity 5.2). Calibrating the SMART BUSINESS TOURISM MODEL for transferability to share best practices includes salience of the comparative advantages for the implementation of the Model, determinant factors for the efficient transfer and reproduction of the calibrated and harmonized Model, as well as the deployment of synergies among stakeholders at local, regional, and national level.

Activity 5.3 involves designing of an e-learning platform and tools for knowledge transfer to the MED area. This deliverable includes E-learning platform design and operation. It is an important tool for networking & dissemination of knowledge, best practices and experiences from the implementation of the Model for the PPs and stakeholders involved in MED area. The Ministry of Tourism, Greece will undertake the digitalization of the training materials and adaptation to compatible e-learning formats, development, configuration and launch of the e-learning platform. Maintenance and operation of the e-learning platform will be ensured.

Regarding the D 5.4.1 for the Transferable model for MED region and SMART Tourism initiatives, the Ministry of Tourism Greece, will formulate the theoretical background of the model, its implementation criteria, the target groups, the implementation tools for the integration of the model in each country, the actions implemented for its adaptation including consultation and publicity actions and the tools for monitoring and evaluating the implementation of the transferred model.

MED public-private cooperation actions of WP4 phase will be evaluated through questionnaires and interviews in activity 5.5 and then a compilation of a model & good practices Joint Guide will be delivered by Ministry of Tourism Greece (D 5.5.1).

Finally the Activity 5.6 “Embedding best practices and facilitating synergies with other MED strategic projects” will involve a Transferring -Policy report (5.6.1) and a Joint seminar (5.6.2) with the other strategic projects under the objective of ‘Sustainability’  in order to identify and highlight the good practices from the implementation of previous projects in terms of development of synergies and complementarities and of coordination, improvement and calibration of the governance models.