SMARTMED Team met virtually for its 2nd Steering Committee

The 2nd Steering Committee of the PANORAMED Strategic Project SMARTMED was held remotely on 6 and 7 May 2020, due to the global public health crisis that prevented partners from gathering in Montpellier, as initially planned. This meeting followed the kick-off conference of the project, which took place in Zagreb on 27 and 28 January 2020.

Despite the extraordinary and difficult context, the meeting allowed partners to keep strengthening their collaboration, while ensuring the smooth progress of project activities. In particular, one of the key points of the agenda was related to the unprecedented COVID19 crisis, its effects on the tourism sector and, most importantly, the opportunity for SMARTMED to contribute to building a real sustainable smart tourism model in this framework.

The Ministry of Tourism of Croatia, Lead Partner of the project, opened the discussion and presented an overview of the activity progress. The Project Officer from the Joint Secretariat of the Interreg Med Programme also attended the meeting, providing updates on the influence of the current crisis at Programme’s level, advice on necessary project adaptations, as well as answers to crucial related questions from different partners.

A specific presentation was then dedicated to the communication work package. With the support of CPMR, Occitanie Region, as coordinator of this activity, outlined the main components of the project communication strategy and plan, which will be soon finalised, taking into consideration all partners’ comments and feedback received. An introduction of the project capitalisation overview was also made by the CPMR.

During the second part of the meeting, the partners involved in the studying work package reported the advances in their respective activities since the beginning of the project. Considering the current crisis, it was decided that the analysis methodology developed in this work package will also be readjusted, with an emphasis on the impact of COVID19 outbreak on the tourism sector.

The 3rd project Steering Committee – during which some key deliverables of the studying phase to be used for the development of the Smart Tourism Business Model should be already available – will take place next autumn as a face-to-face meeting or online, depending on the evolution of the situation.