Panoramed Closure Event

PANORAMED closure vent will take place in Madrid (Spain) on 6 April 2022 and will bring together the main actors and those responsible for its conception and execution

After almost five years of implementation, PANORAMED project is nearing its conclusion. This ambitious, innovative and complex project, led by the Spanish Ministry of Finance and Public Administration, is part of the European Union's Interreg MED Programme and brings together 21 partners from 12 Member States in the Euro-Mediterranean region.

Since 2017, PANORAMED partners, in collaboration with European Union bodies and other relevant institutions in the Mediterranean, have been working intensively to strengthen and develop multilateral and multilevel coordination and governance frameworks in the Mediterranean region. Its ultimate aim is to provide joint and coordinated responses to the common challenges facing the region, based on the reinforcement of governance in general and in particular in the sectors of sustainable coastal and maritime tourism; maritime security and surveillance and the deployment of innovation ecosystems, all in favour of the development of the blue economy in the Mediterranean.  

This is a pioneering experience in governance which will be continued and reinforced as a specific objective in the next period of territorial cooperation in the Mediterranean.

The PANORAMED closing event, which will take place in Madrid on 6 April 2022, will be the occasion to exchange on the results achieved by the project, as well as its future projection, among the community of partners and stakeholders and we hope it will be followed by a wide audience including public decision-makers at national and regional level, research and development institutions, representatives of tourism and/or innovation value chains, as well as civil society organisations and other stakeholders in general.

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