Save the date of the Final Events of two of our sustainable tourism projects: BEST MED & SMARTMED

We are pleased to invite you to save the date and participate in the Final Events of two of our sustainable tourism projects: BEST MED & SMARTMED. As you most probably know, the CPMR Intermediterranean Commission has been involved as full partner in these two projects aimed at enhancing the Mediterranean Governance and addressing two main challenges in the tourism sector such as seasonality and the lack of effective cooperation among main tourism actors.

More concretely, BEST MED aims to contribute to a new integrated and sustainable touristic planning in the MED area, notably through the development of the BEST MED Sustainable Path and Cultural Routes Model (MED S&C Path), the constitution of a Mediterranean Network of Sustainable Tourism Observatories (NSTO), and the set-up of the Granada Charter gathering the main policy recommendations of the project. On the other hand, SMARTMED aims to develop the Mediterranean as an attractive, smart and inclusive destination by empowering the public and private actors of the tourism sector. It has developed a Smart Toursim Business Model tested through pilot initiatives as well as the SMARTMED E-learning platform for training, capacity-building and networking of Mediterranean tourism stakeholders.

Both projects are organizing its respective Final Events back-to-back on 14th September 2022 in Granada (Spain) & online. It will be the occasion to present the main results of the projects and invite external stakeholders as you to discuss them and explore their uptake.

The agenda of both events will include:
•    During the morning of the 14th September the BEST MED project will hold its Capitalisation Conference
•    The morning session will end with a joint capitalisation session where both projects will trigger a discussion on how to put BEST MED’s & SMARTMED’s results (e.g., The Network of Sustainable Tourism Observatories or the Smart Tourism Business Model) under the spotlight of the EU debate on sustainable and smart tourism in the Mediterranean in the years to come, for instance through new transnational frameworks for cooperation.
•    This conference will be followed in the afternoon of the 14th September by the Final Advocacy & Capitalisation Event of SMARTMED where local, regional, national and EU high-level actors will be invited to discuss the main policy messages gathered from SMARTMED experience for the development of smart, inclusive and sustainable tourism in the Mediterranean. The event will also include a session where other relevant initiatives and projects in the field will be invited to discuss synergies and opportunities for cooperation.

The registration link, draft agenda and other key information related to these events will be sent to you in due time. In the meantime, we invite you to block this date in your agendas.