Interesting exchanges between SMARTMED and BESTMED

Last 6 July, the partners of BEST MED and SMARTMED projects met online with some representatives of the Diputació de Barcelona, lead partner of the Sustainable Tourism Community (STC). The objective of the meeting was to implement an enhanced cooperation between the two PANORAMED strategic projects and the Sustainable Tourism Community, thereby enabling synergies and developing future joint initiatives.

The Ministry of Tourism of Croatia, lead partner of SMARTMED, and El Legado Andalusí Foundation, lead partner of the BEST MED, opened the meeting, presenting the objectives of their respective projects, their expected results and the different partners involved. The two projects, both aiming to implement sustainable tourism models and foster various aspects of tourism planning in the Mediterranean, are exceptionally complementary. Cooperation is therefore essential to efficiently achieve the objectives set by each of the two projects.

Subsequently, the lead partner of the Sustainable Tourism Community outlined the different projects supported by this Community, with a focus on the variety of entities that it brings together, and explained how it is helping those projects to achieve their respective goals. In this context, it was reminded that an agreement will be signed by the STC partnership with all the projects – including the two strategic ones – that are part of this Community in the summer of 2020.

The CPMR, associated partner of both PANORAMED and the Sustainable Tourism Community and coordinator of the capitalisation work package in BEST MED, presented with the Greek Ministry of Tourism, coordinator of the transferring work package in the two strategic projects, the ongoing collaboration activities and those to be implemented in the coming weeks and months. Following this, the participants had the opportunity to discuss together the evolution of this cooperation and made concrete proposals.

For instance, representatives of both BEST MED and SMARTMED plan to participate together in the Adria4blue event, which will take place in Croatia on 24 and 25 September 2020 and will focus on blue economy and sustainable development. This event should be followed by a back-to-back meeting to deepen the collaboration between the two projects. Moreover, a joint seminar will be also organised between the two projects in March 2021, to present the progress of their activities and transfer the first results to key stakeholders. Finally, a closer interaction among strategic projects, horizontal projects and PANORAMED will be also further promoted in the upcoming months in the framework of the MED Coordination Mechanism, launched by the Interreg MED Programme.